July 3, 2020

Are Mail Order Prescriptions Right For You? 10 Reasons to Switch to an Online Pharmacy

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Close to half of the American population is taking prescription medications, and they’re spending quite a bit of money – about $1,200 per year. 

There are many things families could do with over $1,000 per year, but they often don’t consider cutting the cost of prescription medications to give wiggle room to the budget. 

Mail order prescriptions can help! If you’re struggling to pay for your medications and are pinching pennies to make sure you can cover the cost, keep reading to learn more about online prescriptions. 

What Are Mail Order Prescriptions? 

Do you hate standing in line waiting for your prescriptions to be filled? This problem is solved by using online pharmacies.

Mail-order medications are sent to you by mail. Your insurance contracts them, so you’re not dealing with online discounts. The insurance companies work with these pharmacies to offer you lower prices on medications. 

10 Reasons to Visit an Online Pharmacy

Using an online pharmacy might seem strange at first, but it could quickly become the new normal, especially if you’re a busy individual. 

Here are ten reasons you might want to consider ordering your prescriptions through an online pharmacy.

1. Convenience

Mail-order pharmacies are incredibly convenient. No waiting in line, no going to the store, no wasting time while your prescription is filled. Avoiding all these things leads to better use of your time, instead of a pharmacy visit being on your to-do list. 

Check and see if your insurance company allows for a 90-day supply, and take advantage of even more convenience. 

2. Lower Cost

Typically when you order from a mail-order pharmacy, your co-pay is smaller, especially when buying in bulk. 

The other way to save money on prescriptions is always to ask your doctor for a generic medication. Generic medications save many people anywhere from $8 to 10 billion dollars collectively, about 30% less than brand-name medications. 

Not every pharmacy prices medications the same, so it’s always wise to compare costs from pharmacy to pharmacy. 

3. You Know What You’re Getting

Ordering anything online can prove to be risky. With mail-order pharmacies, your prescription is reviewed and approved by a licensed pharmacist. This offers you peace of mind because the entire process goes to great lengths to ensure accuracy.

4. Save Money on Gas

Since you’re not making trips to the pharmacy as often, you’ll likely save money on gas. Also, most mail-order pharmacies give free shipping to their patients. 

5. Easy to Sign Up

Generally speaking, signing up for mail-order prescriptions is relatively easy. Contact your insurance company and inquire about it, and ask questions about pricing and what your plan covers.

It can take anywhere from 10-14 days or more for processing. So, if you need medication right away, you might have to order a month’s supply of your prescription and then sign up for mail order. 

6. It’s Hard to Leave Your Home

If you suffer from a chronic illness or you have a disability that makes leaving your home challenging, seriously consider using a mail-order pharmacy. The convenience and ease of having your medications delivered far outweighs the difficulty you experience going to and from the pharmacy 

7. You’re Busy

For people with hectic schedules and lives, refilling your prescription could be overlooked entirely. With mail-order pharmacies, your medications are sent to you, and it’s one less thing to worry about. 

8. Professional Advice

If you ever have a problem concerning your medicine, mail-order pharmacies allow you to speak with a pharmacist who can answer all your questions

When you’re face-to-face with a pharmacist, you often forget the questions you wanted to ask them. You’ll likely only remember them once you’re back at home. You can solve this problem by seeking advice from mail-order pharmacies over the phone.

9. Easy to Refill

Most refills are available to refill online, over the phone, or by mail. Plus, you can skip the trip to the pharmacy and order from the comfort of your own home at your convenience. 

You can even sign up for automatic refills, where you’ll be charged by credit card. 

10. Customer Service

You might think you place an order every three months for your prescription, and that’s it. However, these pharmacies work the same as retail pharmacies and provide a range of services for customers. 

Most mail-order pharmacies give access to information like purchase history, the ability to track your order, or creating a profile with your medical history. Each pharmacy is different and may not have all of these amenities.

Mail-Order Pharmacies For Everyone?

While mail-order pharmacies have their high points, there are a few things to consider before signing up. 

Make sure your medication is available through the mail. Not every medication can be submitted through the mail based on the type of drugs it is. 

Stay up-to-date on your medications. If your doctor switches your meds, be diligent about changing it on the online pharmacy. Otherwise, you could be paying for medicines you no longer use or need. 

Mail-order pharmacies are best for individuals taking medications for long-term illnesses or for general wellness. You likely won’t use mail-order pharmacies for one-time use antibiotics.

Ready to Have Your Medications Mailed?

Using mail order prescriptions is a personal decision, but one that’s very convenient for the majority of people, and those that have trouble leaving their home. In the long run, it will probably cost you less and allow you to think about more important things. 

Are you looking for a specific brand of medication? Check out our online store to see what we offer!

June 19, 2020

Back on Track: 7 Effective Strategies to Help You Cope With Depression

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Young man with hands clasped together

Depression can drain all of your hope, energy, and drive. As a result, taking the necessary steps to improve your life – like meditating, exercising, or spending time with loved ones – can feel like a major obstacle. At some point, you may even feel too depressed to work. 

When this occurs, the things that will help you recover can often seem too challenging to accomplish at all. However, it’s important to remember that there is a difference between something being difficult and something being impossible.

While recovering from depression doesn’t seem easy, you’ll realize that you have more power over it than you ever imagined, no matter how stubborn it might be. All you need to do is start small and grow from there. 

Here are 7 tips to incorporate in your life that might help you feel hopeful, healthier, and happier again. 

1. Acknowledge Depression

The first step in managing depression is acknowledging it exists. Come to terms with how you’re currently feeling, and accept it’s where you are at the moment. By doing so, you allow yourself to become open to evaluating your triggers and circumstances.

It’s not easy to think or accept you’re depressed, but it’s a great start for managing it.

2. Reach Out and Stay Connected 

Getting support is crucial for your recovery process. It might be challenging to keep a healthy and positive perspective of life by yourself. This can be very hard when you are facing depression because it encourages isolation and withdrawal from loved ones.

You may feel ashamed of your situation, guilt for neglecting close family and friends, and too exhausted to talk to them. While you feel this way, remember it’s the depression speaking. Taking part in social activities and socializing helps you in viewing the world differently. 

Also, keep in mind that your family and friends love and care about you. They want to help you get better. If you don’t feel like your circle of friends is willing to help, then it may be a good idea to talk to a professional about your feelings, like a therapist or counsellor.

3. Engage in Things That Make You Feel Good

If you’re feeling too depressed to work, then it might be good to take a break from work and recharge. If this isn’t a possible option for you, then add some things you enjoy doing to your list.

This includes learning new stress management mechanisms, committing to a healthy lifestyle, having a to-do list, and scheduling time for fun activities. While you can’t force yourself to have fun, you can push yourself to do things you generally enjoy doing. You might be shocked by how well you feel once you’re out in the world.

Even if the depression doesn’t go away immediately, you’ll feel uplifted and more energetic. Also, remember that little things like quiet time and laughter can help you get back to a happier state.

4. Get Moving

When you’re struggling with depression, even getting out of bed can seem impossible – let alone working out. However, exercising is a great depression fighter and among the crucial tools of your recovery. Research shows that exercising can be as effective as antidepressants in fighting depression. 

You don’t have to get all-in at once. It’s okay to set a target of 30 minutes a day and even divide it into three sections. Even 10 minutes can help you uplift your mood for two good hours.

5. Switch to a Healthy Diet

Sometimes when you are feeling too depressed to work, shifting to a depression-fighting diet can be helpful. What you consume directly affects your energy and mood. 

  • Avoid taking foods that could affect how you feel, such as baked goods, sugary stuff, trans fats, alcohol, or caffeine. 
  • Don’t skip meals. Going for long periods without food can make you feel tired and irritable. Make an effort to eat something every 3 to 4 hours.
  • Boost your B-Vitamins. Low levels of B vitamins such as B-12 and folic acid can contribute to depression. Eat more leafy greens, citrus fruits, chicken, eggs, and beans.
  • Eat foods rich in omega-3-fatty acids. These foods boost your mood. This includes tuna, sardines, herring, salmon, anchovies, cold-water oil supplements, and mackerel.

6. Get Medication

If you’ve tried all the self-help methods and nothing is working, it’s vital that you seek medical help. Taking anti-depressant medication doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re willing to take a chance and work on yourself.

Sometimes the depression state can make you feel hopeless, with no direction in life. But always keep in mind that depression is treatable, and you can get better. Medication can be expensive but there are many ways that you can save money on prescriptions these days.

7. Challenge Your Negative Thinking 

Sometimes, when you’re battling depression, you feel as if everything is beyond your control. Depression has its way of putting a spin on everything, including how you view the future for yourself.

These thoughts can be overwhelming, and even though they are not necessarily the truth, it can still be overwhelming to deal with them.

Some of these types of thinking patterns include:

The mental filter. Here your mind automatically filters the good and focuses on the bad. For instance, “I failed the last question in my paper. I’m a fool”.

Overgeneralization. Thinking that simply because something in your life went wrong at some point, everything will always be wrong.

Devaluing the positive. For example, she said it was a great date, but I think she was just being polite.

Once you realize the destructive thought you’re having, you can then challenge the thoughts like.

  • What would I advise a friend facing such an issue? 
  • What evidence is there that these thoughts are true?
  • How would I handle this situation if I wasn’t dealing with depression?

Have You Been Too Depressed to Work?

Many people are struggling with depression silently. Some are ashamed of it, and others feel guilty about it. Others are even too depressed to work.

If you’re battling depression, understand that it’s not your fault that you’re struggling, and even better, it’s a treatable condition. 

There are many routes to take- from natural remedies to prescription medications. Consult with a psychiatrist or your family doctor to see if medication is best for you. If so, check out our online inventory of currently available medications and fill a prescription. .

June 12, 2020

What is the Difference Between Ordering Generic and Brand Name Prescriptions Online

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generic medicine vs name brand

Over the years, the price gap between generic medicine vs name brand medicine has widened. In 2013, generic medicine was about six times cheaper than their name brand counterparts.

In 2017, name-brand medicine was found to be up to eighteen times more expensive than generic medicine.

This leaves many consumers with no choice but to buy generic medicine and also leaves them wondering, why is there such a large price gap?

Read on to find out the differences between generic medicine vs name brand medicine. You just may be relieved at what you find.

How Are Name Brand Medicines Made?

Name brand medicines are any medicines that are produced and marketed under a trademarked name. 

Drug companies go through extensive testing periods and clinical trials. This is to make sure that a new medicine is both safe to use and effective in treating the symptoms or disorders it is said to treat. 

These trials involve figuring out the proper dosage and optimal method of taking the drug, whether that is orally, topically, or via injection. The trial period is extensive, as the manufacturers have to ensure that at least the majority of test patients have positive results.

Manufacturers also need to understand any possible side effects the medicine may have. Additionally, they must account for any allergens or medications with which the new medicine may interact. 

Why Are Generic Medicines Cheaper?

Generic medicines are cheaper because they enter the market after their name-brand counterparts, so they don’t have to start the extensive trial-and-error period all over again. Generic manufacturers also don’t have to pay as much money for marketing because the brand name is generally already well-known to both doctors and consumers. 

Online pharmacies are typically looking for ways to save you money. They will often offer the generic versions of name brand medicines as a lower-priced alternative. Simply search for name-brand medicines and Canada Med Shop will give you prices for both name brand and generic medicines! 

What Are the Similarities and Differences of Generic Medicine vs Name Brand?

In order for a generic medication to be granted FDA approval, they have to have certain things in common with their name brand counterpart. 

Generic medicine must have the same active ingredient as the name brand medicine. That means generic medicine contains the same ingredient that will actually act upon your disorder or symptom as the name brand medicine. 

Generic medicine also has to have the same strength, method of administration, and dosage as the name brand medicine. In other words, generic medicine will act with the same force upon your disorder or symptoms. You can take the same amount with the same frequency as you would the name brand medicine.

The first difference you may notice will be the appearance. Of course, the name and packaging will be different from the name brand medicine, as these things are trademarked. In addition, the medication, itself, may look different in color or shape.

Oftentimes, generic medicines will have different inactive ingredients than name-brand medicines. For most people, these inactive ingredients, used in the fillers and preservatives of medication, are not an issue. If you have specific or unique allergies, talk to your doctor and find out if there are certain generic medicines that you cannot take. 

These inactive ingredients may also change the rate and level of absorption in the body. A US study found that this difference in absorption only varies from 3.6-4.4%. That difference will not have a large impact on most people and it is up to your doctor to decide if a generic medicine is right for you.

Are There Generic Versions of All Name Brand Medicines?

When name brand medicines first arrive on the market, they are protected by a limited patent. That means that for a certain period of time, other manufacturers cannot use their formulas.

If your name brand medicine doesn’t have a generic version yet, give it time. Once the patent is no longer applicable, other companies will create a more affordable generic medicine. 

Can I Buy Generic Medicines Without a Prescription?

A reputable online pharmacy will not sell you any prescription medicines without a signed prescription. This must come from a certified practitioner. If the medicine you need is over-the-counter, you may make your own decision between generic medicine vs name brand medicine.

If your doctor writes you a prescription for a name brand medicine, you must buy the name brand medicine. If you want to switch to the generic medicine, talk to your doctor. They may have prescribed the name brand medicine for a reason or they may simply not have known about the generic version. 

What Online Pharmacy Should I Use?

If you’re looking to increase your savings, switching to the generic medicine vs name brand medicine is just the starting point. Online pharmacies can offer prices that are significantly lower than walk-in pharmacies, in part because they can service more patients from a single location. 

Not all online pharmacies are alike, however. Make sure that you use an online pharmacy that is safe and reputable. Look for the CIPA seal and other official accreditations before you shop.

At Canada Med Shop, we offer both generic and name brand medicines to ensure that all patients’ needs are met. We also keep our Healthcare Assistant hotline open seven days a week to answer any and all questions you may have about your medicine. 

If you have more questions about generic medicines or anything else we offer, contact us today. We’re happy to help!

February 6, 2020

8 Spend-Savvy Tips: How to Save Money on Prescriptions Each Month

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Knocked over prescription pill container with small red pills.

Drug prices are constantly on the rise in the US..

People are being forced to spend exponentially more each month on essential medication.

For instance, the average annual cost of taking 4.5 prescription drugs a month was 3.5 times higher in 2017 than in 2002. That’s shocking.

After all, these drugs can literally make the difference between life and death.

Imagine being forced to spend your hard-earned cash on life-saving drug treatment. You’re caught between a rock and a hard place, forced to suffer financially for the sake of enhanced health.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to save money on prescriptions.

That’s sure to be music to the ears of anyone struggling with the burden of exorbitant prescription costs. Want to learn how to cut your monthly drug expenses?

Read on for 8 essential ways to save money on your meds.

1. Change the Prescription Drugs

First thing’s first: Different drugs come with varying price-tags.

Consider asking your doctor if there’s an alternative, cheaper medication you can take instead.

There might be a similar treatment to help your condition, without the hefty price tag.

Chances are high that your doctor has prescribed the recommended medication for the task. It may have fewer side-effects and demand little follow-up support.

You can almost guarantee that alternatives exist, though. Speak to the doctor about your options. Often, the next best thing is enough to treat your condition and save some money.

2. Ask for Generic Versions

Have you ever wondered why two items of clothing can look identical, but be worlds apart in the price?

One word: branding.

Well-known brands can afford to charge a premium. People know, trust, and value their products; they charge 10 times more as a result.

The same happens with medication.

Many widely-used (and sold) drugs are big name brands in the industry. However, there’s almost always a generic, non-brand drug that does the same job for a much lower price tag.

Generic drugs lack the name but still have FDA-approval. Speak to your doctor to see if any are available for your condition. You can save yourself a lot of money in the process.

3. Leverage Larger Stores

Big-box stores often provide major savings on medication.

Of course, you might want to support your local high-street pharmacist. It’s hard to argue against the greater financial viability of larger stores though.

Their ability to buy at scale creates significant opportunities to offer savings.

The same applies to their medication. In fact, this tip often works hand in hand with our previous one. The cheapest prescription drugs are usually generic brands purchased from big-box stores.

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to buy drugs without utilizing the internet.

4. Utilize Your Insurance

Pay for health insurance?

It goes without saying that you should check if they cover your prescription medications. Give the company a call to inquire about coverage.

No luck? Well, remember that alternative drugs might do the same job. Be sure to ask them for clarification on similar medications that would be covered.

You can quickly discover if there’s wiggle-room in your insurance policy to help reduce monthly drug costs.

5. Enquire About the Cash Price

This tip refers to a particular scandal in the pharmaceutical industry.

Essentially, the insured price for certain drugs can hugely exceed their cash value. What does that mean practically? Well, many people assume the drugs paid for through insurance will be the best value for money.

Yet that might not be the case. Paying in cash could actually have saved them large sums of money.

Do some digging to discover if that’s the case for you as well. Speak with the pharmacist to realize the difference in price.

It may be more financially viable to buy the medication with cash versus insurance.

6. Buy in Bulk

Bulk buying is always a valid way to save money.

That’s why wholesalers can offer such discounted prices. You commit to buying more goods, which come at a reduced individual price.

Consider taking the same approach with your medication. Of course, this requires having access to more cash upfront. Yet, assuming that isn’t an issue, think about purchasing a larger supply.

Do you usually buy 30 days’ worth? Why not push it to a 90-day supply? Taking this step will inevitably bring the per-unit cost down. Over time, that can amount to substantial savings.

7. Leverage Prescription Assistance Programs

Have you looked into accessing financial support for your drugs?

These schemes offer a quick and easy way to bring your prescription bills down each month.

If your income falls below a certain threshold, then you might be eligible for considerable savings. Whether it’s through government or a charitable scheme, there are numerous options out there.

It’s always worth inquiring about. You could be eligible for major financial support and not even realize.

8. Buy Through the Internet

Online pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular, too.

Without staff and property expense considerations, online drug stores can afford to reduce the asking price on medication.

Moreover, you can order medication from the comfort of your home. That’s a considerable advantage for people with debilitating conditions.

Certain restrictions do apply; it’s worth thinking about potential quality issues too (always use a reputable online pharmacy like ours).

Nonetheless, for financial and time savings, increasing numbers of people are now buying their prescription drugs online.

Time to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Many Americans are forced to spend thousands of dollars on medication every year.

It’s a classic catch-22 situation. Peoples’ health is held to ransom. It’s a case of “spend the money, or see your well-being suffer.”

Of course, in a choice of sacrificing their health or cash, most people trade the money. Yet charging top dollar for potentially life-saving treatment is, to say the least, morally questionable.

Thankfully, there are many ways to save money on prescriptions.

Have you had experience with this struggle? Obviously, always speak with your doctor before making changes to treatment plans. Hopefully, though, this post will help you enjoy significant financial savings all the same.

Looking to purchase medication online? Speak with your doctor before changing your drug treatment. Having done that, click here to check out the prescription drugs we have available.

January 10, 2020

How to Find a Reliable Online Pharmacy That You Can Trust

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Did you know that Americans pay more for prescription drugs than citizens of most other high-income nations?

In fact, one in four Americans who take prescription drugs report difficulties affording their medications.

It’s no wonder that many Americans have turned to online pharmacies to fulfill their prescriptions. Many online pharmacies offer reduced prices for some of the most frequently prescribed medications. The question is, how do you find a reliable online pharmacy?

The last thing you want is to get scammed when you’re in need of medication.

We’re going to talk about some of the signs you will want to look for when searching for a legitimate online pharmacy. Keep reading to find out when to trust an online pharmacy and when to keep looking.

How Do Online Pharmacies Work?

Online pharmacies are intermediaries between your physician and the medications you are prescribed. It’s like a drugstore, but you don’t have to travel to a physical location or wait in a line to be spoken to.

Online pharmacies don’t have to pay a huge staff to run several locations, allowing them to keep their costs low. Users from all over the United States can get in contact with a pharmacist who can send them their prescription from one location, or a smaller number of locations.

There are typically a few ways you can contact your online pharmacist. For example, you can reach us over the phone or online, and your prescription can be sent to our pharmacists via fax or mail. Once your order is placed, it will be delivered directly to your mailbox.

You will find that there are tons of online pharmacies out there. Finding an online pharmacy that works for you and has a good reputation can seem a little tricky, but it’s not as hard as it seems.

What to Look for in a Reliable Online Pharmacy

Now that you know how online pharmacies work, let’s talk about how to find a pharmacy that suits your needs and can be trusted.

There are several questions you will need to keep in mind as you browse the web for the right pharmacy.

What Does an Online Pharmacy Need from Me?

Just like any drugstore, an online pharmacy should require a real prescription from a real doctor. If you find a website that is willing to send out medications without a legitimate prescription, do not orderyour medication from that site.

Remember, online pharmacies are selling prescription medications, not just over-the-counter medicine. If they don’t require proof of prescription, they are not operating legally.

Even if you do have the prescription, it is not advisable to trust any pharmacy that would just as quickly send you your medication if you didn’t.

Can Anyone Answer Questions I Have About My Medication?

You may want more information. People often have questions about proper administration and dosage or possible side effects. If you have questions regarding your medication, you’re going to want someone to ask them to, right?

A legitimate online pharmacy should always have a way to get in touch with health care professionals. Check to make sure that your online pharmacy has listed hours of operation and a number that you can call for assistance or information.

Is My Online Pharmacy Selling Experimental or Unapproved Drugs?

There are many safe and reliable online pharmacies. There are also illegally operating pharmacies that put their customers at risk. In a recent study, the FDA found nearly 500 online pharmacies that were selling drugs that were not approved or legal to sell.

Many online pharmacies, just like walk-in pharmacies, distribute generic drugs in place of name brand drugs. These generic drugs should have undergone the same certifications as their name brand counterparts. If a pharmacy is selling either unapproved generic drugs or experimental drugs, do not purchase anything from them.

Is My Information Protected?

You are sharing sensitive information when you are required to send in your prescriptions. It’s in your best interest to know the privacy policy of your online pharmacy.

If there is no privacy policy listed on the website, it’s most likely not a reputable online pharmacy. If you give them your information without knowing that you are guaranteed privacy and security, you may have put your information at risk.

Can I Use My Insurance?

If you are using a reliable online pharmacy, you should receive an invoice with your medication. This invoice will list the price, quantity, and dosage of your medication, and can be sent to your insurance company.

As long as you are being provided legitimate paperwork from a legitimate pharmacy, your insurance should cover some of the cost.

Is My Online Pharmacy Certified?

This is the most important question to verify when looking for a reliable online pharmacy. In fact, making sure your online pharmacy is certified will answer most of the above questions.

One certification you will want to look for is CIPA, indicating that the website represents a Certified Safe Online Pharmacy. This certification ensures that you can get your prescriptions filled at a lower cost than what many walk-in pharmacies offer. More importantly, it means that you’re guaranteed safety and quality.

Our online pharmacy is CIPA certified. Our owner, Licensed Pharmacist Dawn Polley, is actually a former president of CIPA, and works closely with CIPA and the FDA to monitor the safety and reliability of online pharmacies.

What’s the Next Step After Finding a Reliable Online Pharmacy?

You’ve answered the above questions and know that you have found an online pharmacy that you can trust. Now it’s time to figure out what prescriptions you get can filled there.

Some medications have higher risk factors and more serious side effects. These may not be purchasable through a reputable online pharmacy. This is for the safety and protection of the consumer.

Finding out what is available is simple enough! Visit our online catalog to search for your prescription and discover what we can do to help you.

If we have what you’re looking for, please reach out to us. Let us help you achieve a healthier life without spending more than you have to.

April 27, 2012

How to Quit Smoking: Learn The Facts

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smokingHave you ever wondered why you might feel fatigue even after a good night’s sleep? Or why you might be developing aging signs at a speedy rate? The answer may lie in your smoking habit. Harmful smoke getting inside your system lead to adverse effects. It may give you a comfort feeling by busting stress which is temporary and may lead to long term damage of your skin. Studies suggest that smoking accelerates the aging process of the body and thus gives rise to unwanted face wrinkles, bags of skin under the eyes, yellow fingers, stained teeth etc., all at an early age. The worst part is most symptoms are irreversible. Smoking comprises two types of people.

  • Active Smokers – Those that smoke.
  • Passive Smokers – Those that are exposed to smoking.

Let us see some of the ill-effects that might motivate you to kick the habit.

Wrinkle And Under-Eye Bags

It is always preferable to wise-up but would prefer for age not to show on the face. Smoking reduces the blood circulation in general that cuts nutrient supply for the skin thus giving rise to wrinkles and under-eye bags. You may probably think of getting it corrected through cosmetic surgery, but smoking habit delays your recovery rate after surgery because of which doctors of today won’t let you go under the knife before you quit smoking.


This is a skin condition whose probability of occurrence goes up depending on the no. of years that you have smoked. It gives the ugliest appearance on the skin and is worth kicking the habit for. Smoking not only affects the active smokers but also passive smokers, like your children, and also increases psoriasis risks for them too.

Yellow fingers and teeth

With the addition of a sixth finger between your index and middle fingers, your other fingers are prone to getting a brown stain that is difficult to clean-up. Without quitting smoking, you can wave bye-bye to your perfect set of white pearls in your smile. Cigarettes will no doubt stain your teeth with nicotine.

Scarring, Hair Loss

Smoking makes you lose your hair paving the way for baldness. Your hair which was once your crowning glory will have to be sacrificed if you feel you can’t kick the habit. Smoking causes the blood vessels to thin that leads to malnourishment of your skin and causes scarring of the skin. Healing of wounds would take a long time.

Disease risk

Risk of fatal diseases like tuberculosis and cancer of lungs and throat are increased, thereby affecting those around you as well. Smoking attacks your immune system and reduces the natural ability of your body to fight back. Nicotine withdrawal in the night makes you toss and turn in your bed and reduces your capability to sleep well.

Impeccable Health

Such is the reach of smoking that has an adverse effect on your body. Non-smokers have a greater advantage over smokers as far as their health in concerned. Your health dictates the quality of your life and that of those around you. Surely giving up smoking is something that you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

August 9, 2011

Welcome to the Canada Med Shop Blog

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