July 3, 2020

Are Mail Order Prescriptions Right For You? 10 Reasons to Switch to an Online Pharmacy

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Close to half of the American population is taking prescription medications, and they’re spending quite a bit of money – about $1,200 per year. 

There are many things families could do with over $1,000 per year, but they often don’t consider cutting the cost of prescription medications to give wiggle room to the budget. 

Mail order prescriptions can help! If you’re struggling to pay for your medications and are pinching pennies to make sure you can cover the cost, keep reading to learn more about online prescriptions. 

What Are Mail Order Prescriptions? 

Do you hate standing in line waiting for your prescriptions to be filled? This problem is solved by using online pharmacies.

Mail-order medications are sent to you by mail. Your insurance contracts them, so you’re not dealing with online discounts. The insurance companies work with these pharmacies to offer you lower prices on medications. 

10 Reasons to Visit an Online Pharmacy

Using an online pharmacy might seem strange at first, but it could quickly become the new normal, especially if you’re a busy individual. 

Here are ten reasons you might want to consider ordering your prescriptions through an online pharmacy.

1. Convenience

Mail-order pharmacies are incredibly convenient. No waiting in line, no going to the store, no wasting time while your prescription is filled. Avoiding all these things leads to better use of your time, instead of a pharmacy visit being on your to-do list. 

Check and see if your insurance company allows for a 90-day supply, and take advantage of even more convenience. 

2. Lower Cost

Typically when you order from a mail-order pharmacy, your co-pay is smaller, especially when buying in bulk. 

The other way to save money on prescriptions is always to ask your doctor for a generic medication. Generic medications save many people anywhere from $8 to 10 billion dollars collectively, about 30% less than brand-name medications. 

Not every pharmacy prices medications the same, so it’s always wise to compare costs from pharmacy to pharmacy. 

3. You Know What You’re Getting

Ordering anything online can prove to be risky. With mail-order pharmacies, your prescription is reviewed and approved by a licensed pharmacist. This offers you peace of mind because the entire process goes to great lengths to ensure accuracy.

4. Save Money on Gas

Since you’re not making trips to the pharmacy as often, you’ll likely save money on gas. Also, most mail-order pharmacies give free shipping to their patients. 

5. Easy to Sign Up

Generally speaking, signing up for mail-order prescriptions is relatively easy. Contact your insurance company and inquire about it, and ask questions about pricing and what your plan covers.

It can take anywhere from 10-14 days or more for processing. So, if you need medication right away, you might have to order a month’s supply of your prescription and then sign up for mail order. 

6. It’s Hard to Leave Your Home

If you suffer from a chronic illness or you have a disability that makes leaving your home challenging, seriously consider using a mail-order pharmacy. The convenience and ease of having your medications delivered far outweighs the difficulty you experience going to and from the pharmacy 

7. You’re Busy

For people with hectic schedules and lives, refilling your prescription could be overlooked entirely. With mail-order pharmacies, your medications are sent to you, and it’s one less thing to worry about. 

8. Professional Advice

If you ever have a problem concerning your medicine, mail-order pharmacies allow you to speak with a pharmacist who can answer all your questions

When you’re face-to-face with a pharmacist, you often forget the questions you wanted to ask them. You’ll likely only remember them once you’re back at home. You can solve this problem by seeking advice from mail-order pharmacies over the phone.

9. Easy to Refill

Most refills are available to refill online, over the phone, or by mail. Plus, you can skip the trip to the pharmacy and order from the comfort of your own home at your convenience. 

You can even sign up for automatic refills, where you’ll be charged by credit card. 

10. Customer Service

You might think you place an order every three months for your prescription, and that’s it. However, these pharmacies work the same as retail pharmacies and provide a range of services for customers. 

Most mail-order pharmacies give access to information like purchase history, the ability to track your order, or creating a profile with your medical history. Each pharmacy is different and may not have all of these amenities.

Mail-Order Pharmacies For Everyone?

While mail-order pharmacies have their high points, there are a few things to consider before signing up. 

Make sure your medication is available through the mail. Not every medication can be submitted through the mail based on the type of drugs it is. 

Stay up-to-date on your medications. If your doctor switches your meds, be diligent about changing it on the online pharmacy. Otherwise, you could be paying for medicines you no longer use or need. 

Mail-order pharmacies are best for individuals taking medications for long-term illnesses or for general wellness. You likely won’t use mail-order pharmacies for one-time use antibiotics.

Ready to Have Your Medications Mailed?

Using mail order prescriptions is a personal decision, but one that’s very convenient for the majority of people, and those that have trouble leaving their home. In the long run, it will probably cost you less and allow you to think about more important things. 

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