August 28, 2020

Can I Get a Prescription Online and Other FAQ About Online Pharmacies

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Each American spends an average of $1,200 on prescription medications per year, which is higher than any other developed nation. 

Why? Because large American pharmaceutical companies can raise prices of medications well above their worth. Many Americans don’t know that they have other options when it comes to filling their prescriptions.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I get a prescription online?” you’re in the right place. 

Read on to find out more about filling prescriptions online, how to find a good online pharmacy, and why that can save you money.

Can I Get a Prescription Online?

While you can get a prescription filled online, it is not possible to get an actual prescription online. You will still need to go to your general practitioner or licensed specialist in order to receive a prescription for your medication.

Have you come across a website that offers to either write a prescription or prescribe medication without a prescription? Avoid it.

In order to prescribe medication, doctors need to know your medical history. In many cases, they need to perform a physical examination. Websites that are willing to do this for you do not have your best interest in mind and are operating unethically and illegally.

What Can Online Pharmacies Do?

Online pharmacies can serve the same function as the pharmacies you are familiar with now. They can receive and verify your prescriptions and fill them.

Health care agents can also answer any questions you may have about your medication. For example, you may want to know the possible side effects you may experience when taking it.

The main difference between an online pharmacy and an in-person pharmacy is convenience. While you do have to travel to your doctor’s office, you don’t have to go anywhere to place and receive your prescription. All of it can be done from the comfort of your home and you will receive your prescription in the mail.

How Do I Find an Online Pharmacy I Can Trust?

One of the most important things to do before placing an order with an online pharmacy is finding out whether or not they have accreditation

Look for the CIPA seal. CIPA stands for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. It was formed in 2002 to protect consumers from rogue online pharmacies.

The CIPA seal ensures that you are working with licensed pharmacists and health care professionals. It also ensures that they are sourcing your medications from safe, verified dispensaries.

Make sure you know the difference between the true CIPA seal and falsified certifications. Fake accreditation is a surefire sign that you should avoid an online pharmacy.

Other red flags include the willingness to write a prescription or deliver unprescribed medication, as we said above. It is also a red flag if an online pharmacy does not list an address or provide a number for you to call. A reliable online pharmacy will provide contact information and they will be transparent about their medication sources.

Finally, make sure that an online pharmacy has information protection policies. A certified online pharmacy may use your phone number or email to contact you, directly. Otherwise, they will protect your medical and payment information by using a secure website.

Why Are Canadian Online Pharmacies Cheaper?

Unfortunately, Americans who need prescription medication are caught in a web between private insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies. These groups seek to profit off of people’s healthcare needs. In other words, it benefits them to raise the costs of medications, leaving many unable to afford their prescriptions.

Canada operates under universal healthcare coverage. This lowers the incentive for Canadian pharmaceutical companies to raise prices. There are, in fact, laws that restrict the inflation of prescription drugs in Canada, ensuring that they will remain affordable for those who need them.

On top of that, online pharmacies can service thousands of patients from a single location. Everything is taken care of online and through the mail. This lowers the costs these pharmacies must spend on physical locations and even staff.

Because of these factors, CIPA certified online pharmacies offer medications at a cost that is up to 80% lower than American pharmacies.

Are Medications from Canada the Same?

When you receive your first prescription through an online pharmacy, you might wonder why it looks different than the one you got in America. There’s a logical explanation for this.

In the past, you were receiving either the name-brand medication or the generic medication and now you are receiving the opposite. Generic medications may look different from the name-brand because they are manufactured by different people. However, they have the same active ingredient and properties as the name-brand version. 

Why Use Canada Med Shop?

Now that we’ve answered some of your questions, including, “Can I get a prescription online?” let’s discuss our own online pharmacy.

Canada Med Shop is not only CIPA-certified but the owner, Dawn Polley, is a past president of CIPA. She has worked with American officials and politicians to improve the relationship between online Canadian pharmacies and American consumers. She has also sought to increase the regulation of existing online pharmacies.

Canada Med Shop carries some of the leading medications. These medications address issues like high cholesterol, asthma, and heart conditions.

We make it easy and affordable to fill the prescriptions of every person in your household by charging a single delivery fee per family. You need to take care of yourself and your loved ones and we want to help.

If you’re ready to focus on your health without sacrificing your savings, place an order today.

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