April 25, 2012

A Coffee Lover? A Health Freak? Read On.

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coffee loverIf you just take a casual look around you, you would notice that the world is going at an ultra fast pace buzzing with activity aided by today’s technology that was literally non-existent a good fifty years back. Today the value of living a healthy, fit and quality life cannot be stressed enough. There must have been a moment when you would have thought about how to lose weight in a faster and quicker manner without having to exercise. The reasons may be various like not having time, inability to get rid of bad habits or being plain lazy. Whatever the reason maybe, recent research has shown that caffeine is a good fat-cutting agent.

Is Caffeine, That Makes You Feel Good, a ‘Do-Good’er Too?

A team of researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden have studied the actual activity taking place in the human body when and after they exercise. The human body is more vulnerable to lose weight only after sixty minutes of exercise. After considerable exercise, the fat-reduction genes that are produced by the body are also produced by the consumption of a large amount of coffee. Something in the range of 50 cups a day. But such a humongous amount of coffee is only more deteriorating to the body by causing insomnia, nervousness and other major side effects.

Another line of thought includes having coffee just before a work-out routine. Research suggests that such a habit may not hurt much. In fact it might just help you in running those extra miles more than the target that you have set for yourself. What exactly happens is that caffeine heightens your alertness while reducing your perception of pain. This enables you to exercise more before you get exhausted that in turn makes you burn fat faster. Coffee is the best stimulant that affects your adrenal (fight or flight) glands and makes you stay alert.

Less Caffeine, More health

General studies indicate that coffee consumers do tend to lose weight over a period of time but the weight-loss is not very significant. And coffee must definitely not be considered to be a weight-loss agent. Caffeine is a wonderful substance that when taken in moderation stimulates our brain activity. The ideal caffeine intake depends on a case-by-case basis and cannot be determined in general. 3 to 4 cups a day is what would suit 80% of the people. And as for weight loss, diet and exercise are the only tools to be used. There is no other short cut to a fab body and a sound mind. Start your healthy living regime with a balanced diet, a daily workout and lesser caffeine.

September 1, 2011

Four Tips on Hot to Control Blood Sugar Levels

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The talk about lowering ones blood sugar levels and cholesterol is growing as our country is facing a high blood sugar pandemic. It isn’t new that we live in a fast food society fill with unhealthy alternatives. The talk about the “fat” situation we are in isn’t new either. So why can’t we as a nation lower our blood sugar levels? It is because we are not serious about what we really need to lower our blood sugar levels. What is necessary is control. Control is what our nation is missing. Here are 4 ways of controlling blood sugar levels and regain control of you self.


The first tip is perhaps the most obvious one but as we all know it is also the hardest one to stay in control of besides eating. Extra fat will make your body resistant to the action of insulin. Losing fat will improve the insulin activity and in doing so reduces your blood glucose levels. This means increasing your physical activity. Exercise can be fun if you make it. You need to fist fight the battle in your head and take control of your schedule to make the time to work out and stay focused during the workout. Once you begin to see results controlling your self will be easy.

Avoid Carbohydrates and Saturated Fats

Carbohydrates and saturated fats are everywhere today. It seems like you can’t go out to eat without it somehow sneaking onto your plate. Wrong! Our society may be overflowing with fatty foods but the alternatives are out there. When you’re hungry take control of your hunger and look for that healthy alternative if it means spending a few more minutes deciding in the grocery store or restaurant. Also don’t be ashamed to ask the waiter or waitress what’s healthy on here? You will be setting a good example and you will feel a lot better knowing you asked.

Get Closer to Nature

Processed foods are what got you high blood sugar levels. So take control and get yourself away from it. Getting yourself way from the processed foods means getting in touch with nature. Remember nature? Well it still remembers you. Try going to farmers markets and buy organic vegetables and fruits. Bakers make great whole grain bread that you just can’t get from your regular market. Make food fun. Take control of your day and make the time to shop healthy so later on you won’t have the excuse that you have nothing to cook with or nothing to munch on.

Portion Control

Too much of anything is bad. Be aware of what you eat, when you eat it and how often. A good way of portion control is eating slowly. It takes about 15 minutes for your stomach to tell you brain that you’re full. So take your time enjoy your healthy food. Blood sugar levels often spike up after a meal so if you have smaller meals thought the day you can keep the blood sugar levels steady and normal.